SWAT Managed Services

With today’s complex systems and high availability requirements, yesterdays break-fix approach to IT Support is no longer acceptable, in today’s connected 24 x 7 business environment. Through years of customer engagements, Windswept has developed a truly hybrid approach to Managed IT Services utilizing the industries top technologies and professional business practices. As every client has different needs and requirements, Windswept’s professionals will initially access your infrastructure, determine you support requirements and make responsible recommendations based on your IT budget and expectations. Your ideal SWAT Managed Support solution may involve all or only a few of our a la carte Managed offerings.

SWAT Proactive Maintenance Services

As the cornerstone of our Secure Windswept Autonomic Technology (SWAT) offering, Proactive Maintenance is an essential component of keeping your technology up and running. After an initial assessment, we determine the recommended amount of on-site and remote Proactive Maintenance to ensure systems uptime is optimal.

SWAT Remedial Support Services

In a perfect world, all technology issues would be monitored and resolved remotely. In the real world, there are many components to a secure business network and many factors which can result in downtime and resulting lost productivity. As such, Windswept has a full team of certified and professional field engineers ready to respond to our clients on-site and remote remedial support requirements.

SWAT Network Monitoring Services

A major and essential component of our SWAT Support offering, we utilize and deploy the latest in monitoring technology to ensure we’re notified of any pending failure and issues, well in advance of system downtime. Our Network Operations Center is constantly monitoring all client systems and issues instantaneous alerts to our technical staff when are potential problem is detected. Our goal is to diagnose and resolve all issues before the end user is impacted.

SWAT Help Desk Services

Spreadsheet won’t open, firewalls blocking access, printers not printing are just a few of the hundreds of common IT issues that our Help Desk agents resolve daily. All of our Help Desk specialists are Windswept employed staff working from our Ottawa and Toronto offices. Windswept does not “out-source” our help desk services to off-shore commodity suppliers, thus ensuring our valued clients are serviced by Windswept staff familiar with your infrastructure and trained on your specific business applications. Help Desk services are available in English and French.

SWAT Managed Firewall Services

An essential security component of any business or organization is an Internet Security Appliance / Firewall. Modern internet threats can have a devastating effect on business and productivity. To maintain proper internet security, Windswept’s SWAT Managed Firewall Services ensure your security components are properly sized, configured and maintained to ensure optimum security.

SWAT Managed Data Protection / Backup Services

Data Protection is arguably the most important component of any business IT infrastructure. As such, Windswept has refined our Managed Data Protection / Backup offering through extensive product evaluations and testing. The Windswept Data Protection Service is a Automated Hybrid solution utilizing the latest Disk Based Backup and Secure Private Cloud Portal technologies, providing our clients with the ultimate Data Protection solution.

SWAT Disaster Recovery Services

Windswept’s Disaster Recovery solutions are there in the rare event that you need to get your business back up and running after disaster. Our Managed solutions enable us to connect you to your data in our Private Secure Data Center, so you have business continuity when disaster strikes.

SWAT Managed Cloud Solutions

As your business technology consultant, Windswept’s team of IT professionals will evaluate your environment and make recommendation on how best to deliver your line of business applications. As a Certified Cloud Services Microsoft Partner, the Windswept team is fully versed in the latest Cloud Computing Technologies, including Microsoft Hosted Exchange, Azure, Dynamics and Office 365 technologies.

SWAT Block Support Services

Many factors make up your IT environment, including complexity, budget, personal and expectations. For our clients who do not require a Fully Managed Support solution, Windswept offers premium Block Support Contracts. Your Premium Block Contract will provide your organization with Block level response on a “as and when needed” basis. This is especially useful in backfilling your existing IT personel staff and / or having Block Hours in place for special project work. In addition to premium level response, our Block Contract offerings provide you with preferred rates, named technicians and optional after hours support.

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