Hardware Solutions

With over 30 years experience and major partnerships with the leading technology manufacturers, Windswept Technology is your private IT consultant. From your office desktop to your server room to your private cloud to your home office, Windswept’s experience in recommending and implementing the hardware and software is unparalleled in the industry. Our professionals thoroughly access your requirements and make recommendations based on your budget and expectations. Give us a call and we’ll gladly assist you.

Server Solutions

An essential component to any business, Windswept has been evaluating, specifying and integrating the server needs of business for over 20 years now. Whether your organization requires a light duty single processor File Server, Application Cloud Server or a Multi-Threaded Hyper-Converged Server Cluster, Windswept is in the enviable position of being able to assess the requirement, engage a manufacturer for a proper configuration, put forth a competitive proposal and fully implement the proposed solution on time and on budget.

Desktop Solutions

Windswept provides a full lineup of Desktop solutions ranging from entry-level web/email access PC’s to thin clients to Xeon based high performance graphics workstations. Share your requirement and we’ll be happy to provide a quotation on a properly sized and fully supported Desktop solution.

Notebook Solutions

An increasingly popular computing platform, notebook/ultrabook/convertible/tablet solutions are a specialty of Windswept. Our business consultants take the time to properly access what portable system is best suited for your needs and budget. From razor-thin and light Ultrabooks to high end graphical mobile workstations, Windswept can assist you with your mobile computing requirements.

Security Solutions

Windswept specializes in current generation security solutions to protect your business against the ever increasing amount of internet threats. Ransomware, viruses, spam, spyware, phishing and adware are all modern day versions of cybercrime, which can harm, disrupt and even disable your business. Windswept crafted solutions secure your entire network from your smartphone to your desktop to your server to your internet gateway. Let Windswept’s professionals access your IT environment and recommend a properly sized solution to maintain your business security.

Data Protection / Backup Solutions

Arguably, the most critical component of any business network is protecting your data. From the many offerings in the marketplace, Windswept has refined our Data Protection solutions to ensure your business data is fully backed up and available when needed. Our automated hybrid Data Protection solutions encompass local disk replication with secure off-site replication in our secure Windswept Data Centers, ensuring your business is fully protected against a simple folder deletion to a crippling ransomware attack or an unthinkable infrastructure disaster.

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