SWAT Consulting & Audit Services

A key component of the Windswept Services offering are our IT Consulting & Audit Services. Our IT Professionals will properly access your IT environment with current generation Auditing Tools and Resources yielding cost effective business grade recommendations to ensure your technology is always optimized for maximum business productivity.

IT Consulting Services

Windswept Technologies knows IT. Since 1998, Windswept has been a specialist in recommending, implementing and supporting business technology for our valued clients. With top partnerships with the industries leading manufacturers, Windswept is in the envious position of being able to evaluate and test leading solutions, before rolling them our to our client network.

Hardware Audit Services

Unsure what hardware is driving your business? Windswept’s Hardware Audit Services provide a non-intrusive and comprehensive diagnosis of your current hardware status. From BIOS versions to processor models to printer page counts, our Hardware Audit tools can drill down to the level of detail required, to enable sound business decisions on if and when to replace hardware.

Network Audit Services

Windswept’ Network Audit services can help take the mystery out our your endless maze of network cables and unlabeled hard drives. Our Network Audit’s often uncover weaknesses in how your data is protected and network secured.

Software Audit Services

Am I compliant? This is a common concern of business, as software licensing can an endless loop of retail, OEM, Open, Value, Charitable and Shareware licensing models. Let Windswept’ Software Audit Services clear the air and provide thorough reporting on where you stand with regards to Software Licensing.

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